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18,00 EUR*
Details Visions-of-Heaven-For-the-Life-on-Earth-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from Visions of Heaven: For the Life on EarthBut God's inspired book glows with visions of the glorious world, and the light of it shines upon earth to guide us safely and happily over the path that leads to it.About the PublisherForgotten ...

14,40 EUR*
Details Angels-in-the-Architecture-A-Protestant-Vision-for-Middle-Earth

Christianity presents a glorious vision of culture, a vision overflowing with truth, beauty, and goodness. It's a vision that stands in stark conflict with the anemic modern (and postmodern) perspectives that dominate contemporary life. Medieval ...

4,48 EUR*
Details Visit-Earth-NASA-Vintage-Space-Travel-Visions-of-the-Future-fridge-magnet-Khlschrankmagnet

Brandneu, Fotobildqualität auf starren Acrylkühlschrankmagnet . Größe: 78mm x 52mm. Dieser Magnet ist für jeden Sammler! Schauen Sie sich unsere bunten und attraktiven Souvenir Kühlschrankmagneten . Dieses Stück kann eine ausgezeichnete Geschenkidee ...

12,83 EUR*
Details The-Extraterrestrial-Vision-Who-Is-Here-and-Why

The Extraterrestrial Vision Have you ever wondered if Earth has been visited and is being visited by beings from elsewhere? In The Extraterrestrial Vision, you'll find out: The origins of the human race, What role extraterrestrials have played in ...

11,00 EUR*
Details A-Vision-of-Immortality-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from A Vision of ImmortalityPlayed winds and thunders, rivulets and rain, Melodious echoes which this Earth hath known The song of birds, the ocean's deep refrain, Cavernous sighs, plaints, murmurs, laughter, grown To full expression of ...

16,79 EUR*
Details The-Earth-is-My-Mother-With-Poster

The Earth is My Mother Eleven-year-old Sarah Stewart goes on a "vision quest" to discover her power to prevent the development of a desert canyon in the Southwest. When one of her pictures appears on a magazine cover, there is a national outpouring of ...

17,48 EUR*
Details The-Well-of-Light-From-Faery-Healing-to-Earth-Healing

The Well of Light This book contains a wealth of meditations, visions and ceremonies on earth-based spirituality, including unique material never before published. Faery healing is a form of spiritual healing known in folkloric tradition and implies a ...

19,12 EUR*
Details First-Impressions-of-Earth-Vinyl-LP

Sealed - Tracklist: You Only Live Once,Juicebox,Heart In A Cage,Razorblade,On The Other Side,Vision Of Division,Ask Me Anything,Electricityscape,Killing Lies,Fear Of Sleep,15 Minutes,Ize Of The World,Evening Sun,Red Light

24,49 EUR*
Details World-to-Live-In-An-Ecologists-Vision-for-a-Plundered-Planet-Mit-Press

A century of industrial development is the briefest of moments in the half billion years of the earth's evolution. And yet our current era has brought greater changes to the earth than any period in human history. The biosphere, the globe's life ...

12,30 EUR*
Details Death-Ga-In-Dan-Culture-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from Death (Ga) In Dan CultureResurrection A return trip from Gleber-or to Kpo - nla Return trip from earth to Gleboraor Nanluo (heaven) Vision that led to heaven Direct trip-to heaven and back To heaven and back through vision Klan and ...

14,77 EUR*
Details Joe-Hill

Become Acquainted With Joe Hill, A True American Rebel Who Fought For A Vision of Heaven On Earth. The Definitive Study of Joe Hill, Labor Martyr, Proletarian Folk Hero and Songwriter, "A Man Whose Songs Evoked The Spirit of Radicals Who Were The Very ...

36,46 EUR*
Details X-Men-Mutant-Revolution-Board-Game

In the aftermath of the Phoenix event, new mutants are appearing all over the earth. Wolverine, Cyclops, Magneto, and Storm each have a vision for the future, but will they unite humans with mutants or will they tear the world apart? X-Men: Mutant ...

15,36 EUR*
Details The-Book-of-Tormod-2-Templars-Gifts

The Book of Tormod #2: Templar's Gifts As the Chosen, Tormod knows he will have all the Gifts heaven and earth can bestow, but he still struggles to gain control of his visions and powers as men of the French King seek the relics he is bound to ...

17,40 EUR*
Details The-Works-of-Thomas-Gray-Vol-1-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from The Works of Thomas Gray, Vol. 1His thoughtful brow with never-dying bays. And well the Muse repaid him. She hath given An unsubstantial world of richer fee; High thoughts, unchanging visions, that the leaven Of earth partake not Rich ...

11,70 EUR*
Details Poems-of-Paganism-Or-Songs-of-Life-and-Love-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from Poems of Paganism: Or Songs of Life and LoveStrong-hearted, lyre-loving God of the morn ing, Darkness and falsehood shall shudder and ee, Gloom-mantled crime at thy presence take warning, Earth wake from sleep at the vision of thee.About ...